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     Here’s Ray Lindstrom, former disc jockey and TV advertising salesman who quit his job and became a serial entrepreneur. 


     This book was written by Ray himself for anybody who decides they just don’t want to go to work for anybody ever again .


     He tells you his life story and includes many of his entrepreneurial successes. Failures?  Well, he never had any of those because he changed the definition of the word. He may not have made money with many ideas, but he still claims 100% success. You’ll “get it” when you read the book.


     He recalls the time he was “stone cold broke” and could not pay his alimony and child support, much less his own personal expenses.  Yet, within a year, because he absolutely refused to give up, he was a multi-millionaire.


     Ray gives hints on how you can start a new business in just a few days with very little, or actually with no money at all.


     He shows you how to learn about anything…”All you have to do is ask.”


     This book and his “22 Lindstrom’s Laws” are a must for anybody who wants to start their own business; or actually anybody who wants to have fun reading about somebody who has opened over 100 businesses.  It’s a wild ride!


     Included is the story of his creation of the “World’s Most Important Website” that he planned to sell for a billion dollars. .


     Ray says simply, “Success is achieved in doing it; completing the project. Everybody has ideas. Following through separates the true entrepreneurs from the pretenders. 

FEARLESS! Confessions of a Serial Entrepreneur

by Ray Lindstrom

edited by Lisa Heidinger Schnebly

320 page hardcover book.


     Ray Lindstrom has taken a long, winding journey from promoting his backyard carnival when he was 6 years old to owning a record company in high school, an advertising agency in the 1970’s, starting the infomercial industry in the 1980’s, creating the world’s largest watch store in the 1990’s, and finally, after “retiring,” building what he termed “the world’s most important website”


    A serial entrepreneur, Lindstrom has started over 100 businesses. “I love to come up with ideas for new projects and then start ’em, That’s the fun part. I don’t much like to manage ’em. You can always find good people to do that while you go on to your next project”.


    In 2014 he was inducted into the Arizona Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame.  


     He is now semi-retired and lives in Tucson, Arizona. He has to add the “semi” part because he says he can’t stop coming up with new ideas.

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