What the Media Says About Ray Lindstrom              

                                                           “...indefatigable promoter...”

                                                         “Lindstrom packs in the crowds."

                                                                            -Forbes Magazine



“The year of destiny was 1984…                                                        the man of destiny was Ray Lindstrom.”

                                                                                 -Hollywood Reporter


                    “The face on the monument should belong to Ray Lindstrom…"

                                                                           -Money Magazine


                   “He knows how to answer when opportunity knocks.                                             He started out working for nothing. Today he is rich, rich, rich."                                                                                                                         -Arizona Daily Star


                    “Mr. Lindstrom is a master of taking marketing risks.”

                                                                                 -Advertising Age


                   “Ray Lindstrom sells more watches than anybody, anywhere.”

                                                                                 -Bill Geist, CBS Evening News,                                                                                                 CBS Sunday Morning