What they are saying about Ray Lindstrom's new book.

Tucsonan Ray Lindstrom is really, really good at starting businesses: he’s created more than 100 of them since 1972, when he quit working for the man and started working for himself. Some businesses made more money than others (his foray into infomercials, for example, did well), and he’s had his ups and downs (going, at one point, from rock bottom to a Scottsdale mansion) but his entrepreneurial spirit continued to shine through it all. Now 75, he shares what he’s learned in this book, part memoir, part how-to, and completely entertaining. With his (highly eventful) life story as a backdrop he offers plenty of business advice and periodically interjects “Lindstrom Laws,” throughout the text at appropriate junctures — “Always Make Sure You Control the Money,” for instance (Lindstrom Law No. 4) and “Find New Ways to Do Old Things” (Lindstrom Law No. 12). Even if you have no interest in starting a business, this is a fun read — most fun, perhaps, for Tucsonans, who will enjoy the references to the Old Pueblo, where Catalina High School grad Lindstrom got his entrepreneurial start.

Helene Woodhams, Arizona Daily Star

I've just finished reading it, and it is a damn fine piece of work.  I didn't want it to end, so I put off reading the last page.  

Ford Burkhart, Editor-New York Times (ret.)


His writing style and fascinating experiences were so engaging that once I began reading this book I could hardly put it down! And I particularly liked his willingness to expose his own vulnerabilities. I highly recommend that you buy Fearless.

Jennifer Schneider, M.D., Ph.D. Author